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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answer to some of my most frequently asked questions! Anything else you want to know? Leave a comment on my YouTube channel or send me a DM on Instagram and I will answer as soon as I can. 

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Why do you travel alone?

When I started getting into motorcycling in 2020 it was always just a given that I would be riding mostly alone. I have always enjoyed my own company and I am not bothered about spending a lot of time by myself. Riding alone also means no compromises; you can do whatever you want, whenever you want! You can ride how fast or slow you want, take as many breaks as you need, ride as many kilometers per day as you want - this is still very comfortable as a rookie on the road. It helps me gain more confidence on the road in a very gradual way - pushing my limits only when I feel like I am ready. On the other hand - I really like meeting new people! I love chatting with people I meet when I travel, sometimes ride some stretches together, and even share campsites for an evening. Sharing a lot of my travels on social media also means I am often busy with communicating with people in one way or the other - even if I travel alone I never feel lonely! ♥


Are you a full time traveler?

No, I am not (yet?). I have a full time job as an Office- and social media manager at Remote Health International AS, and I sometimes work offshore as a medic on vessels in the oil/gas industry. I have a great job that gives me a lot of freedom to pursuit my dreams and goals as a motorcycle traveler.


How many years have you been traveling?

I got my motorcycle licence in June 2020, and started my first moto-camping trip the same month! Since then I have been going on camping trips regularly, starting in Norway and eventually more countries in Europe. I wonder where my motorcycle will take me next?


How tall am I, and is my Ténéré too tall for me?

I am 175cm tall (5,7"), and I have installed the lowering kit on my Ténéré. This includes the lowering link and the low seat. I believe this reduces the seat height with about 40mm. Also riding with all my luggage is compressing the suspensions a bit and making it even lower. I feel a lot safer beeing able to reach the ground with both my feet, although anyone can ofcourse ride any bike with enough practice! Its all about the technique, and there is a LOT of great YouTube videos out there to get you started.


How can you afford traveling so much?

Motorcycles and travels is an expensive hobby - but this is pretty much the only thing I spend money on. I save money as best as can which means sacrifising some luxuries in daily life at home. I rent a cheap apartment, I have a cheap car, no fancy clothes, rarely go out for dinners and parties or even stuff like going to the cinema or ordering take away. I save all my holidays for travels, which means very little to no holiday with friends, family or even my boyfriend! Living your dream comes with a price both socially and financially - but as long as it feels right and you enjoy what you are doing thats alright.



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